Cara Dillon -《If I Prove False》单曲[mp3下载]

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If I Prove False

If I Prove False

因为The Redcastle Sessions未能在原定时间发行,在The Redcastle Sessions Tour巡演之中,Cara决定录制这张单曲CD给预定The Redcastle Sessions的听众作为补偿。与John Smith合唱的这首传统曲目If I Prove False虽然没有收录在任何一张专辑之中,却成了last.fm播放次数最多的曲目。


I’m going away to faraway lands
Yeah I’m going away for awhile
I’ll return to you my love
Oh I’ll go ten thousand miles
The sun will dry the ocean
Heaven will cease to be
The world will lose it’s motion my love
If I prove false to thee

Who’s gonna shoe your pretty little feet
Who’s gonna glove your hand
Who’s gonna kiss your sweet ruby lips
While I’m in a faraway land

Father will shoe my pretty little feet
Brother will glove my hand
And you can kiss my sweet ruby lips when you return again


Who’s gonna brush your long yellow hair
Who’s gonna pay your fees
Whos gonna father those sweet little babes while im on the rageing sea

Mother will brush my long yellow hair
Daddy has payed my fees
There won’t be any sweet little babies while your away from me

Chorus x2

1. If I Prove False
2. If I Prove False (Live DVD version)

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