The thrill of watching the concert

I like to watch live performances, including theater performances, dance performances, and of course music concert. After reading a concert, often there are many heart throb. Often in the hope that they moved into refining the text, and even written songs. Huang Yunling have a song that she wrote after watching the Tournament Of Roses Parade Tickets, the song “Saturday’s concert,” included in her “departure” album.

I did not much ability to write songs, but tonight (Oct. 1, 2008), read “permanence” concert is different from the past, I want to write the impulse into action, to see me in concert , the feelings, to write.

Only work for 9, I “Speed” arrived, it was already 9:20, but only a half “permanence” concert, NCAA Mens Final Four Tickets. Miss Li Fei Hui and Harlem Globetrotters Tickets. Fortunately, I love to hear keep up with the “most romantic thing.” That was the last song sung Zhao Yonghua. Although only hear one, I’m very satisfied. Live to see her on the stage distribution of brilliance, good bright ah! Also very gypsy flavor. Listen to her sing live, than listen to CD recordings also praise!

Qian Baihui then debut, bringing the first song, the day of Eid al-Fitr festival atmosphere of compliance – full of Malay cuisine. I appreciate, but her voice is still bright, high-pitched, and her gentle womanly! The presence of what is the approximate number of men will want their lover is such a charm of it! Hee! I like it through the adaptation of “When thinking of you” – solo version, a little jazz and blues.

Pan Mei Chen has not played, the two hosts, Xiao-Ying and Li Fei Hui had a trend to describe her drive black hair short in front, behind the long, still singing when the signs, to have a lot of fans have begun Pamela screamed. Singing and good skin care than before, Pamela still be driven atmosphere. However, I admire the most is when she quietly sang a song, the audience seems to quiet down, sucked her songs. At least that is what I feel “NCAA Womens Final Four Tickets“,. In a scene so much singing, it is the skill test, how to attract the audience’s energy to your body – at that moment, I feel that Pamela did.

We paint is the last singer. He seems younger than ever right now! ! Yellow pants, purple shirt with white tie, red shoes, the whole lot of jumping around, I suspect he was a hyperactive child! Just kidding! But really, he does not just shape rosy, speak with meaning, songs can be put to close to high-pitched to Qing Yin, his physical strength and energy, there are many young people do not compare with Oh! Am glad he chose to sing “love is you”, this is a not often mentioned, but impressed by the beautiful songs. I have sung in the NHL Stanley Cup Tickets. You can imagine, when he sang “share”, “how to say love” and “Special Love for Special You”, the audience really turned into a giant karaoke OK.

Music affects the mind, stimulate emotions, the feelings of many years ago, suddenly turned from the memory of the drawer out. Tonight is wonderful, High’s. Because the audience with feelings of admiration, applause, cheers to participate. The profound skill, more sophisticated performers will belong to their song, invisible, near-perfect send to us. This energy transfer, only site on the sense only in the performance are.


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